My Perfect Silence

Rose was only four when tragedy turned her family’s life upside down, a tragedy that she made happen, and which she is too young to remember. In the aftermath, only her older brother, Max, stayed the same – beautiful Max, stepping in between her and a world that never lets her forget that all is different because of her. Rose needs Max more than ever when at fourteen, the guilt becomes too much and she loses the power to speak.

Twenty years on, brother and sister are as close as ever, but the world’s media have fallen half in love with Max, now the charismatic leader of a benign cult. Max himself has fallen in love with Caroline, formerly his own worst critic, and Rose seems about to be side-lined. When Caroline is killed, suspicion inevitably falls on Rose, and once again she looks to Max for protection from the harsh world. But will his love for her be enough this time?

A tense tale of an obsessive, warped sibling relationship.’ – The Bookseller

Without question, Evans is a writer of great skill and power.’ – North Wales Living