First Fruits

Kate Carr, a 14 year old schoolgirl, has a quick mind and a gift for manipulating people. Her special friends are the awkward ones at school, the ones no one else wants – clever Lydia, gawky Hilary, and silent Moira. In the darkness of her own home, Kate herself is manipulated by her father – Keith Carr, a charismatic preacher whose need for control is absolute, and dangerous. Kate is his ‘special one’, his ‘first fruit’, and she must live up to his expectations. But Kate has begun to understand the malice of her father’s power, and little by little, she finds ways to disentangle, exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of her small group. Freedom beckons, but at a cost.

‘A clever and disquieting book which leaves a vivid impression after the final pages’Daily Telegraph

This ‘darkly seductive follow up to FREEZING… intrigues and mystifies throughout.’ – Publisher’s Weekly 

Working her subtle skills, Evans takes us deep into the psyche of someone who isn’t all she seems.’ – The New York Times

This intelligent work both challenges and frightens.’ – Publisher’s Weekly

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