A Fatal Reunion

‘If you want to know why your world, your lives, are as they are today, you have to look back, take a good look back, at the past…’

Guy Latimer and his wife Carlie have made a life and a child together. But there is always someone haunting their past, throwing a shadow over the present. Magnus, no more than a memory now, but once snake-hipped and darkly sexual, took the younger Carlie and brought her to the brink of suicide. Now a website that reunites friends and lovers brings Magnus back into the present. Their present.

Magnus’s return sets their world spiralling out of control. Guy keeps an unquiet watch, fearing that once again Carlie will be powerless against Magnus’s addictive charms. As their lives and hearts become ever more entangled, husband, wife and lover fight to regain their most intimate relationships… with devastating consequences.’

‘A psychological exploration of obsession and the futility of trying to recapture who we once were. Compulsive reading.’ – Mystery Women

‘Sad and sexy, and a real page turner.’ Heat Magazine