Stewart Park’s home life is more than unsettling: his father lurches from one repulsive craze to the next, his sister, Mary, has a boyfriend who threatens the safety of her small sons, forcing Stewart to be their anxious protector; and circling them all is Lucy, the pit bull terrier installed by his father to keep everything in check. No wonder that in the small amount of time left over, Stewart retreats into the world of computer games and the heroics of his own Avatar, Hellebore.

But one day, a nameless girl is brought, drowned, into the mortuary where Stewart works as a photographer, enthralling and saddening him with her frozen beauty. Soon he is obsessed with finding out all he can about her. His searching moves him into a dark and vicious world he’s never dreamt of, making him a hopelessly ill-equipped player in a sinister game.

‘A wonderfully controlled , bloodcurdling voyage into the heart of darkness.’ –  Deborah Moggach

‘A minor masterpiece.’ The Times

For its gripping atmosphere and a truly original protagagonist, Evans’s book is a winner.’ – Publisher’s Weekly

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